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PLASTICK CLIMBING HOLDS is a Montreal-based (Quebec, Canada) company founded in 2014 by Sébastien Lazure.  All holds are designed and manufactured in Canada and are inspired by Sébastien’s eighteen years of experience as a bouldering competitor on national and international levels, as well as from his travels to some of the world’s most renowned natural bouldering sites. Sébastien’s background and creativity informs his design process, producing some of the best polyurethane holds available on the market today. PLASTICK’s mission is to enrich the climbing experience by offering route-setter holds of various forms and colours, the idea being to help conceptualize original routes for the pleasure of climbers, competitors and spectators alike. Through PLASTICK, access a design process that enhances your routes and contributes to unforgettable climbing experiences.Take part in the PLASTICK climbing experience!

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